Tuesday, December 9, 2008


There are advantages of living without a man in the house, one being that my dog Raffles is who getting a little old, likes to have a kip on the bed and puts his head on the pillow , when I approach him, he looks a little guilty but doesn't move, I know for certain that no man would tolerate it, I have never really understood why, is it for hygienic reasons ? or simply a little bit of jealousy or maybe its an old instinct of territory !  If you do know, let me into one of the mysteries of life !
If you do know a man who allows such behavior, please let me know, I might be interested!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I love my apartment block !

To be perfectly honest my son and I  are probably" the neighbors from hell," I am not even sure that  I would enjoy living next to me, for the reasons being
 1. we love loud music
 2. we watch  television late into the night, because we fall asleep and leave it on.
3. I go away at the weekends and leave my son to entertain his numerous  friends and God knows what goes on during that time! 
4. We have a dog that goes out by himself and barks to everyone to let him in again and a cat that sometimes get lost on the staircase and then hides in the gas boxes 
5. We have lots of guests staying overnight . and we have at least one rowdy party once a year in which the furniture gets moved out so that the people can fit in.

So you can imagine my surprise that when the door bell rang and it was my downstairs neighbor telling me to rush downstairs as the police were in the act of removing my car and it was being towed away , I didn't get there on time, it is four flights of stairs and when I arrived there was my neighbor looking very forlorn and as unhappy as I was.
 He couldn't take me to the deposit place because he is a flight assistant and was leaving in his uniform for a flight, but he did offer to lend me the keys to his car for the four days he was away. 
 Being greeted with such a warmhearted generous offer helped to subdue my rage that I get into in these situations , the main problem being that I needed a companion to go with me as you can't drive two cars at the same time so I trudged back upstairs with a very despondent step and met the young actress who lives above me with her very handsome boyfriend. She immediately offered to take me to the deposit to pick up the car , she has a smart car and raffles my dog sat in the front with me , she even let me smoke in her car.  To cut a long story short or as in this case a short story , because the whole operation of getting back my car took half an hour !  And that is thanks to my wonderful neighbors that with their good will and generosity took away the pain of having to pay the 70 euros to the car people !
So let me say it  I LOVE MY NEIGHBORS and somehow, weirdly enough, I think that they must  love me !!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama !

Thank you 

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mat the bat !

When the gods were making creatures 
They simply couldn't agree
Excatly what kind of thing
That I was going to be!

They gave me pointed ears and teeth
And the body of a rat
 They gave me wings and tiny eyes 
And then they said "Thats that"!

I should be wearing glasses
To help me get round town
But they'd keep on falling off
Because I'm always upside down!

I know I should be grateful
But I think it's rather mean
That people only think of me 
The night of Halloween!

Happy Halloween

I will leave it up to you to decide which of these three photos is the most frightening !